Community Partnership – Reducing Crime

The London Police Service is committed to providing a safe and secure community. This is done with the assistance from citizens within our great city. With there being approximately 120,000 calls for service for the London Police Service each year, it is impossible to be everywhere all the time. With that, we rely on the assistance of the public with being our extra eyes and ears.

Year to date, 1632 thefts from vehicles and 230 bicycle thefts have been reported – a 35% and 22% increase respectively from the same time last year. These are two crimes that are easily preventable and can be greatly reduced.

It is suggested that nothing of any potential value be left in unattended vehicles. Anything that has to be left in a vehicle, should be out of sight. If a thief is not tempted, there is an increased chance that he/she will move on to another vehicle.

With the increase in bicycle thefts, a project was conducted. On Thursday, June 12, 2014, a bicycle owned by the London Police Service was secured with a cable lock to a bicycle rack in the area of Wellington Street near King Street. Surveillance was conducted and within minutes a 35-year-old man was seen approaching the bicycle and began cutting the lock. Almost two minutes later, the man had cut through the lock and rode away on the bike. This occurred during the lunch hour with lots of pedestrian traffic in the area. He was arrested a short distance away and charged with theft, mischief and breach of recognizance.

No calls were made to police to report the actions of the accused in relation to this theft.

Members of the community should not get physically involved but are encouraged to report all suspicious activity immediately. It is with the assistance of the public that several arrests have been made and crimes continue to be solved and prevented. With the great partnership that we have with the citizens in London, we can continue to work together with reducing crime and ensuring the safety and security of our community!

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