Dirty Cop Jason Nevill. Barrie Ontario Canada Police Officer Beating a Citizen.

BPS chief press conference after guilty verdict. in Canada?? Punched by a cop for a red light ticket in Ontario Cop looking for a FIGHT! When will this but he is still employed and getting paid at least until sentencing Oct. 17, 2013. Voice your concerns with the BPS. beating and cover up AGAIN. This time in on ROIDS and smuggling. Public complaints driving Barrie cop (again) again in Toronto in Durham 725-7025 we should not be paying criminals with our tax dollars! What else has this criminal lied about? How many people have been convicted based on his testimony?

Contact the office of the mayor and let him know that you will not pay for a convicted criminal to remain on the force! (705) 792-7900

Contact the MP for Barrie Patrick Brown 705-726-5959.

Enough is enough Canada we need to be strong and united. Our voices and votes count!

And while we’re at it lets demand drug tests for our public servants. You have nothing to hide right officers?

A judge has found Constable Jason Nevill guilty of assault causing bodily harm, fabricating evidence and obstructing justice. Yet he remains free and EMPLOYED!! earning your tax dollars until his sentencing hearing on October 17, 2013. Reporters patiently awaited his exit from the court room today. Everyone is expected to exit through the main doors. Well that is everyone except the police. Nevill still used the police exit of the courthouse to dodge reporters today. Chief Greenwood apologized today on behalf of the BPS to the victim. Seems kind of empty considering Nevill isSTILL A MEMBER of the BPS.

The BPS have taken to closely monitoring their Facebook page and removing any comment they deem to be inflammatory. Greenwood has done a great job cleaning up her facebook page but can she clean up her crooked force? A good start would include firing any convicted criminals and drug testing the rest of the ROID raging force.

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