Michigan family uses samurai sword to chase off masked intruder

A Michigan woman and her two sons fought off a masked intruder trying to break into their home when one of the boys grabbed a samurai sword and swung it at the man, Fox 17 reports.

Sara Ward, of Battle Creek, told the station the intruder picked the wrong home to burglarize Tuesday night.

Ward said a man in a bandana tried to break in after kicking in the front door and breaking the lock.

As she and her 11-year-old son Reese tried to stop him, her 14-year-old son Skyler, who was taking a shower, heard the commotion.

Skyler told the station what happened next.

“So I ran, grabbed the sword and ran at the guy as fast as I could with full intention of doing as much damage to him as possible,” he told the station. “When I swung through the door, he got scared.”

Battle Creek police are investigating.

Ward said the terrifying incident was her worst nightmare.

“It’s the thing that you’re afraid of the most, especially as a single mother is that somebody could try to hurt you or hurt your children and what are you going to do to protect yourself if a grown man wants to hurt you,” she told the station.

She said she went out and got a gun the next day so she’ll be ready the next time there is a break-in.

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