Police eye Muslim NYPD cop’s aunt’s stabbing in Queens as possible hate crime

The 60-year-old aunt of an NYPD cop, moments after walking ahead of her asthma-stricken husband, was found mortally-wounded on a Queens sidewalk with a four-inch knife lodged in her chest, police sources said Thursday.

The husband of Nazma Khanam rushed up Normal Rd. in Jamaica Hills about 9:15 p.m. Wednesday after he heard the screams of his gravely-wounded wife, sources said.

“He attacked me and I’m dying,” Khanam told her husband, who didn’t see the assault, police sources said.

The Bangladeshi-born victim was rushed to Jamaica Hospital where she was pronounced dead about an hour later, sources said.

Cops were hunting for the killer Thursday.

Khanam was wearing Muslim garb when she was ambushed — prompting some of her relatives to denounce the savage slaying as a hate crime.

But investigators believe Khanam was the target of a robbery attempt — even though she was found with all of her possessions, police sources said.

“They didn’t take her phone, pocketbook, bag nothing,” the victim’s nephew Mohammad Rahman said outside the family’s home. “We feel this is a hate crime…We want justice.”

Khanam and her husband Sumsul Alam, 75, were walking home after closing up their Jamaica Ave. souvenir shop and picking up groceries when he stopped to catch his breath.

“He heard a scream, ‘Somebody killed me! Somebody killed me!” Rahman said, quoting Alam.

Alam only realized it was his wife after he rushed up the street, Rahman said. When the family later told Alam that his wife was dead, he crumpled to the ground in anguish.

“He fell down and cried,” Rahman said. “I cannot even explain.”

Khanam’s transit cop nephew, identified as Humayun Kabir, rushed to the scene after hearing his aunt had been stabbed, sources said. Kabir, a member of Transit District No. 2 in Tribeca, has been on the force since 2008.

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Police officer exit the victim’s home in Jamaica area of Queens.

“Very sad to announce the death of the aunt of our member PO Kabir,” NYPD Muslim Officers Society tweeted. “Let’s catch the perp.”

Surveillance video reviewed by the police shows Khanam walking ahead of her husband. The attack itself wasn’t captured on camera but a man was recorded sprinting away from the scene.

Investigators do not believe the husband is a suspect, sources said.

Khanam, a former schoolteacher in Bangladesh, moved to the U.S. with her husband about seven years ago, neighbors said.

“They migrated here for a better life,” said friend Syed Ahmed after visiting the family. “He’s broken.”

The attack prompted some community members to draw parallels to the recent murder of a Queens imam and his friend in Ozone Park.

Surveillance video reviewed by the police show Khanam and her husband walking and later a man running away from the scene of the stabbing.

Surveillance video reviewed by the police show Khanam and her husband walking and later a man running away from the scene of the stabbing.


Imam Maulama Akonjee, 55, and Thara Uddin, 65, were walking away from their mosque when they were gunned down execution-style on Aug. 13.

Cops arrested Oscar Morel, 35, for what prosecutors called a “cold-blooded assassination.”

Police have yet to reveal a motive in the double slaying.

In the wake of Wednesday night’s attack, the New York chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations called on the NYPD to investigate whether bias could be a motive in the attack.

“Because of the recent killings of Muslims in Queens, and because of the growing number of anti-Muslim incidents nationwide resulting from the increasing Islamophobia in American society, we urge the NYPD to investigate a possible bias motive for this murder,” CAIR-NY Executive Director Afaf Nasher said.

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