Richmond, BC Spa Robbery Caught on Camera

Richmond, BC: On December 30, 2014, members of the Richmond RCMP attended a reported robbery at the Medical Spa Club located in the 6600 block of No. 2 Road in Richmond. Business staff called police after a man allegedly entered the business, advised that he had a gun and demanded money. The man then left with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police seized evidence at the scene, including a surveillance video of the alleged suspect. In the video, the suspect is seen entering the business and heard telling a staff member to not be alarmed as he has a gun in his bag. He proceeds to ask the staff member for the money in her till. When she advises that she does not have any, he is seen going through her purse, taking a few bills and her cellular phone.

Police have pursued a number of investigative avenues to identify the suspect including enlisting the assistance of an RCMP Forensic Artist.

Richmond RCMP are now making the surveillance video and the forensic sketch of the alleged suspect public in an effort to identify him. “We are confident that releasing this sketch and surveillance video will lead to the identification of the person allegedly responsible for this robbery to ensure that he is held accountable for his actions” says A/Cpl. Dennis Hwang.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian male, approximately 30 years old, medium build, 5’9′, and blue eyes. The male also had tattoos on his wrists and neck. At the time of the alleged incident, the suspect was wearing a baseball hat, a dark sweater, a light colored sport wind breaker and had a backpack.

Anyone who has any information about the suspect’s identity is asked to contact Cst. Jason Pickering of the Richmond RCMP at (604)278-1212 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

File # 2014-41260

Richmond RCMP


Unknown Male: UM

Unknown Female: UF

UM Hey sorry…

(Suspect walks into business. Stands at counter)

UF Yeah, how are you?

UM …what I’m going to tell you…

(Suspect keeps right hand in small backpack carried on stomach and is gesturing with his left hand while speaking with attendant.)

UF Yeah.

UM …um don’t be alarmed, I have a gun…

UF Uh.

UM …in my bag right now. I need you, that cash drawer right there or I will come over and do it for you. That one right there.

(Suspect speaking and gesturing with his left hand. He points to cash drawer which is out of the video frame)

UF Oh it’s empty.

UM Okay, well you need to give me your purse, you need to give me something, I’m not leaving until you do.

(Sound of drawers opening).

UF Okay.

(Sounds in the background. Attendant is heard moving items).

UM I need your wallet, what’s in the envelopes?

(Suspect is pointing to multiple items behind the counter).

UF Uh…

(Attendant is opening her purse and opening an envelope to show the suspect).

UM Cash in the envelopes?

UF No…

UM Okay, well whatever’s in your wallets fine.

UF I don’t really carry a lot. INAUDIBLE.

UM Well you must have cash on you.

UF Twenty dollars.

(Attendant hands suspect a twenty dollar bill)

UM Okay, well, that’s a start.

(Suspect grabs twenty dollar bill from attendant)

UF Sure.

(Attendant backs away from video frame. Suspect reaches over counter and goes through her hand bag)

UM Seriously?


UM What’s right there? A little black thing, right there?

(Suspect opens compartments of the attendant’s wallet and removes what appears to be a smart phone.)

UF Oh that is just my phone.

UM Okay, we’ll take that. Let’s see what you got here? Lot of pill bottles in here, Oxy’s?

(Suspect continues to rummage through attendant’s hand bag)

UF Uh, no just INAUDIBLE.

UM INAUDIBLE, okay. Wait ten seconds to call the police.

(Suspect turns around and exits the business.)

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