Stop Gang Crime

Mr. Speaker, my constituents and the people of British Columbia’s Lower Mainland are deeply concerned about the growth of gangs and the number of young people who are murdered and become victims of their crime.

Mr. Speaker, it’s our collective duty to raise the question of how we can best protect our citizens. While crime continues to decline across the nation, in part because of this government’s strong criminal justice program, people still live in fear of gang violence or of their children being lured into the activities of the gangs.

We must work to address this issue and we must work with educators, police, community leaders and families to create a culture, which doesn’t take gang crime lying down. We must ensure that gangsters and criminals are brought to justice, not gunned down in execution-style killings by rival gangs. We must ensure that our children never go down that path. As Parliamentarians, we have waited for too long to act. One youth killed is far too many.

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