US man sentenced for illegally shipping gun parts worldwide

A United States resident who illegally shipped gun parts around the world has been sentenced in Massachusetts to nearly three years in federal prison.

Prosecutors say 60-year-old David Maricola, of Southbridge, Massachusetts, sent more than $100,000 worth of components for assault rifles, handguns and machine guns that ended up in 20 countries, including France, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and Germany. They say parts he shipped were used in two gang shootings in Finland, one of which was fatal.

Prosecutors say Maricola mislabeled customs forms when shipping parts to say they were for replica guns or were “aluminum sculptures.”

Maricola was sentenced Wednesday. He previously pleaded guilty to charges, including conspiracy, exporting gun components, making false statements on customs forms and money laundering. The crimes occurred between November 2010 and March 2012.

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